Class Descriptions

Yoga Sprouts: (Ages 2-5)


This 2 hour play-based class is designed for children ages 2-5. The class consists of 30 minutes of themed yoga with the remainder of time spent doing mindful & natural crafts, story time, music/dancing, and playing with friends.

Primary Class Objectives:

  • Making & meeting friends- developing friendships.

  • Coordination & balance.

  • Communication & listening skills.

  • Creativity & independence.

*Please bring a snack for your child to enjoy (snack time happens between 10am-10:15am during class).

**Please note that parents must stay on-site/in the building during class (we have a work space & free wifi, or grab coffee/your own yoga or pilates class upstairs at Junction 9).

***On Wednesdays, parents and younger siblings (bubs) are welcome to join the Sprouts class!

Mini Movers:

(Ages 4-6)

Join us for 45 minutes of movement and adventure! Our Mini Movers class is a theme-driven class that is centered around developing basic physical literacy skills such as coordination, balance, and body awareness.

Class Objectives:

  • Great introduction to yoga for young children.

  • Theme driven to engage and inspire interaction.

  • Focus is on providing positive social interaction, breathing, balance, body awareness.

  • Children work on taking turns, communication and teamwork.

Intro to Yoga:

Level 1 (Ages 6-9) / Level 2 (Ages 10-12)


A great option for first-timers! In this class we gently introduce basic yoga poses, breathing techniques and meditation in a fun atmosphere. Classes will be centered around a theme with more technical terms being broken down into simplified language that kids can connect with. We will work through individual concepts each week, building towards a more comprehensive practice at the end of the 5 weeks.

Primary Class Objectives:

  • To have fun and not be afraid try something new!

  • Create a supportive and positive environment where everyone feels welcome and a sense of belonging.

  • Build new muscle memory and increase balance and strength.

  • Begin to understand why yoga makes us feel good and how it can be incorporated into our everyday lives.

  • Acknowledge that yoga is a ‘practice’ and which patience and commitment to progress

Mindfulness & Movement:

Level 1 (Ages 6-9) / Level 2 (Ages 10-12)

Combining different breathing and meditation techniques, this class mindfully moves students through a variety of standing and seated yoga asana to raise awareness in our bodies and everyday lives. Each week we will continue to build strength and flexibility whilst learning how to stay with our breath and be present. How we are showing up on our mats can often reflect how we are showing up in our lives - in this class we hope to highlight the connection between those two elements and encourage youth to take their practice off their mat as a tool in everyday life.

Primary Class Objectives:

  • Develop a sense of self awareness and an understanding of what it means to be ‘present’ or ‘mindful’.

  • Learn and practice breathing and stress/anxiety management tools that can be used both on and off your yoga mat.

  • Practice the ability to move with your breath and use it as a tool to build resilience, focus and calm.

  • Connect with other like-minded individuals in a fun, supportive and peaceful space.

Yoga Strong:

(Ages 8-12)

Prior yoga experience is recommended – in each class we will build heat in our bodies and develop strength to explore more advanced yoga poses and introduce different inversions, arm balances and creative sequences. This is a great class for those who are looking to take their passion for yoga to the next level.

Primary Class Objectives:

  • Have fun exploring new poses, arm balances and inversions while being guided safely by our experienced instructors.

  • Connect with like-minded peers who also have a passion for yoga.

  • Build strength, muscle memory and flexibility.

  • Create a supportive and caring environment where people feel safe to try new things.

  • Learn different breathing techniques and build strength and flexibility required to move through more advanced poses and sequences.

Yoga for Athletes:

(Ages U-16)

Yoga for Athletes is a specialized yoga class for youth & teens in sports. Yoga can help athletes to increase their physical performance while also preventing injury and increasing flexibility. This class is sure to be both mentally and physically challenging and is a great option for young athletes looking to take their sport to the next level.
Recommended for all athletes including; ski racers, dancers, gymnasts, basketball players, football players, swimmers, and more.

Primary Class Objectives:

  • Develop balance, strength, agility, flexibility, endurance, muscle tone and mental focus.

  • Increase flexibility and body awareness to help prevent injury.

  • Learn breathing techniques that help to develop a sense of focus, calm and stamina.

  • Connect with other like-minded peers and have FUN!

Teen Yoga:

(Ages 13-16)

Created to teach teens breathing, mindfulness, and self-regulation through yoga whilst also facilitating community and support from like-minded peers. This class is for teens looking for a healthy way to stay active, regulate the stresses of growing up, and bond with like-minded souls. From week-to-week we will incorporate unique yoga sequencing, movement and meditation.

Primary Class Objectives:

  • Have fun exploring new yoga poses, sequences and breathing techniques and understand the benefits yoga has for our mind, body and spirit.

  • Create a sense of community and belonging – a safe space for teens to be themselves and connect with their peers.

  • Understand meditation, mindfulness and breathing techniques that can be used off our mat as a coping tool in our everyday lives.

Parent & Child Candlelit Yoga:

(Ages 8+)


The perfect way to end your Monday! This class will give you and your child the grounding needed to set yourselves up for a great week. Featuring gentle movement, meditation and restorative poses, each class will allow the opportunity to let go and shift forward.

Primary Class Objectives:

  • Restore a sense of calm and focus moving into the week ahead.

  • Encourage openness and connection between parent and child.

  • Explore different breathing and meditation techniques that can be used for grounding ourselves on and off the mat.

  • Appreciate the benefits of a more gentle, restorative yoga practice.

Parent & Child Yoga:

(Ages 7+)

Our Parent + Child class is a flow-style sequence that combines stretching, self-awareness, breathing, meditation, physical fitness, and some partner work to encourage openness between parents & their children.
This class is for all levels of yoga and is a lovely way to spend time relaxing, learning new postures, and developing a deeper bond.

Primary Class Objectives:

  • Partner postures to encourage bonding & communication.

  • Flow style sequence combining stretching, self-awareness, breathing, meditation, physical fitness and partner work.

  • Encourage openness between parent and child.

  • Focus on breath work, connectivity, visualization, and creative sequencing that all levels of yoga experience will enjoy.

Family Yoga:

(Ages 0-6)

Family Yoga is an awesome way to bond with your loved ones, whilst also waking up your body and exploring yoga through movement and connection!

We offer Family Yoga classes for younger families (with children ages 0-6), and a Parent + Child yoga class for older children (7+).

Everyone is welcome at Family Yoga- babies, grandma's, cousins- you name it. This class is a great introduction to yoga!

Primary Class Objectives:

  • Encourage connection & communication between parent & child.

  • Children are able to try new postures (such as balancing) in a safe & supported environment.

  • Allows children to try things independently, whilst also having parents to assist and support.

  • Learn breathing techniques, basic yoga poses, and even try some quiet time relaxing next to your loved ones at the end.

Parent + Tot Yoga:

(Ages 0-4)

This 45-minute themed class is designed for children ages 2-4, however younger siblings are also welcome! The class is usually themed around an adventure, and is an engaging experience that increases bonding between parent & child. We often begin with higher-energy poses and then begin to slow down towards the end of the class.

Primary Class Objectives:

  • Partner postures to encourage bonding & communication.

  • Fun themes & imagination/ playfulness.

  • Focus on building strength & developing balance through supported yoga poses that involve parent + child, but also allow for children to try things by themselves.

  • Beginning to bring awareness to breathing and meditation in a safe & supported way with mom or dad right beside you!

Grandparents and/or caregivers are welcome to join the class if a parent is not able to attend. We welcome everybody!

Mum & Baby Yoga:

(Ages 0- crawling)

Let our certified post-natal instructor guide you through a gentle flow class designed for moms with babes who cannot yet crawl.


This class will focus on movement, and establishing a strong foundation for restoring core & pelvic floor strength, lower back safety, and overall strength and relaxation. This class comes ready for random feedings, changing, and chatter, sometimes some crying as we welcome the chaos!

We have yoga mats and props at the studio for your use, all you have to do is land on your yoga mat & relax.
A few drop in spots will be available per session. Join our lovely Mom + Bub teacher, for complimentary tea with like-minded mama's after class.

Primary Class Objectives:

  • Restore core and pelvic floor strength.

  • Focus on strength development & relaxation.

  • Bonding & socializing with your baby and like-minded mom's.

  • Time for yourself, but also to share a tea with friends.

Prenatal Yoga:

(For mothers to be)


This 1-hour gentle class has been created with thoughtfulness & care for expectant mothers to nurture their connection with their baby. Practice in a loving & calm environment where you can connect with other mama's to be, take some relaxing time for yourself, and breathe on your mat.

Primary Class Objectives:

  • Prepare the body for labor and childbirth through gentle postures and supported movement.

  • Breath work & meditation for calming and confidence.

  • Connection to self & to baby: Develop greater self-awareness and thoughtfulness.

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