Let each breath change you.

Find purpose as a youth yoga instructor.

We have trained over 300 instructors from around Canada to teach yoga for kids & youth.

Introductory & Advanced modules available.


No previous experience or training is required for our Introductory Training!

Training Philosophy


Who are the teachers you remember from when you were young?

They are the ones that had some sort of connection to you.

Maybe even had a big impact on the direction of your life, or opened a door that you didn't even know existed.

Our whole training and learning philosophy revolves around connection with our students- because when you are able to reach a child, you can teach them to love learning and support their growth. It's a truly a privilege to teach yoga to young people and families. 


Whether you are a parent wanting to bring yoga into your child's life, a teacher looking to incorporate stress management in the classroom, or a yoga teacher looking to expand your outreach, these trainings are for you!


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Introductory Training


Advanced Training

Speaking Engagements 

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“Connection & truth are the two words that resonated with me the most after completing the Wymbin Teacher Training. I was lost and alone in the middle of another Children's Teacher Training and the time I spent with Jess & Jenna led me back to the roots of why I do what I choose to do. They helped me begin my journey towards healing my inner child so I can be a more truthful and passionate educator.”

- Ana

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