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Our workshops and events are diverse and include something for your whole family-mindfulness, yoga, art and more! 

Check out our upcoming offerings below...

Kids Yoga Party (Let's Have a Hoot! Owl Party Night)
for Ages 4-8

Friday 14th February, 6.00 - 8.00pm

$25 +gst


Parent's night off! A special Valentine's day kids yoga party night themed around owls + woodland adventures! We will be creating our own snowy owl pinecone pet, playing group games, having a dance party, and painting owl rocks. Our lovely instructors will keep kids engaged and having a 'hoot' while parents can enjoy an outing nearby. 

Crystal Chakra Workshop for Ages 7-9

with Jenna Galloway

Saturday 22nd February, 1.30 - 3.30pm

$35 +gst


Learn about the energy centres of our body and what they mean! Choose your own rainbow set of crystals that you will take home at the end of the workshop. We will use meditation, yoga, and creative arts to learn more about each of the chakras and how we can focus on taking care of ourselves inside & out. A great grounding and exploratory workshop for youth interested in crystals, energy, yoga, and meditation! 

Tuning In Meditation Workshop for Parents + Kids Ages 7+

with Jenna Galloway

Sunday 23rd February, 1.00 - 2.00pm

$35 +gst

A meditation and mindfulness workshop-style class with Jenna Galloway. This workshop is for ages 7+ and their parents. A workshop-style class to begin to integrate meditation & connection into your child’s world. Whether you are experienced in practicing meditation, or have never explored meditation with your child, this workshop is for all levels.

Using Health Canada approved essential oils, singing bowls, visualization, relaxation, and gentle stretching/ head + hand relaxation techniques, we will learn & experience meditation and form a deeper connection to our families.

Please note that this workshop is intended for pairs so that you can work closely, one-on-one with your child.

Kids Yoga Party (Land Before Time Dinosaurs)

for Ages 4-8

Friday 28th February, 6.00 - 8.00pm

$25 +gst


Parents night off! Join us for a prehistoric adventure with a fossil scavenger hunt, dinosaur-yoga,

dino-print making, create your own air dry clay fossil and more! 2 hours of fun for kids while parents get to relax and explore Inglewood. 

Meditation Station for Ages 4-8

Sunday 1st March, 1:00 - 3:00pm

$35 +gst


Learn all about meditation and how we can create a space for taking time wherever we go! Create your own meditation ‘box’ in which you will be able to store all of your creations and use as a little display table. Discover & choose your own crystal that will be our ‘focus’ point. Create a breathing tool for self-regulation with beads, and a pipe cleaner yoga buddy. Learn 3 different ways that we can meditate! This workshop is interactive, creative, and engaging to get kids interested in exploring meditation and slowing down. Great for busy minds or children who love to create & craft. 

Magic Garden Yoga Adventure for Ages 3-6

Sunday 7th March, 1:30 - 3:30pm

$35 +gst


Calling all fairies, elves, butterflies, unicorns, and magical creatures! This workshop is a 2 hour adventure to the magic garden to create your own fairy garden, dance to yoga-based songs, join in a yoga class to the fairy forest, paint your favourite magical creature, and learn how to relax using a magic garden meditation. Please feel free to dress up! 

Parents are welcome to wait in our reception area, or explore Inglewood and nearby shops.

Managing Frustration for Ages 5-7

Sunday 15th March, 1:00 - 3:30pm

$35 +gst


Sometimes things can really get you irritated and it can be hard to stop and see them for what they really are. In this workshop, we look at what the feeling of frustration is, WHY and what causes us to feel frustrated, and what we can do to mitigate or even reduce our feelings of frustration. Students will learn healthy coping mechanisms, breathing tools, and speaking skills that will help them to self-regulate, but also communicate how they are feeling. We use our famous STOP! And think! acronym and even send you home with a poster that you can put up at home or in a place as a helpful reminder. 

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